The Year 2020 Problem

We estimate that 1 in 3 businesses rely on Microsoft software every day, they're about to drop support for older versions and this'll be a big problem for thousands of businesses.

If you're using any of the below software, you have a big problem coming your way.

Windows 7

Office 2010

Small Business Server 2011

Windows Server 2008

Exchange 2010

Why? Because on January the 14th 2020 all of that software reaches the end of its life.

It means Microsoft will no longer support and fix the software, it will abandon it, to focus its teams on supporting newer software. You might not be sure whether you have any of this software but the chances are high that you do.

Because we estimate that 1 in 3 businesses rely on this software every day this is a big problem for businesses. We have produced this video and a guide you can download which explains what “end of life” actually means, and why you mustn’t wait until 2020 to do something about it.

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