Windows 7 is now officially dead. If you have it on just one machine in your business, you're at risk.

On the 14th January, Microsoft killed its operating system Windows 7. Also Office 2010, and a set of popular server software.

Now this probably doesn’t mean a great deal to you. But it should do. Because if your business is still using dead software, you’re placing yourself at extraordinary, and frankly unnecessary risk.

Let me explain.

Once software reaches end of life status that means it will no longer be supported or fixed. Sure there’s every chance it will keep working for some months – maybe even years – to come.

But it won’t be safe.

Apart from the fact that when it breaks no-one will fix it, it’s also going to be a huge shiny magnet to hackers.

We believe quite strongly that hackers who’ve discovered vulnerabilities over the last year or so, have been sitting quietly, biding their time. And it’s now they will start to exploit those vulnerabilities. Because there’s no-one to patch the software and stop them.

Remember, hackers don’t specifically target businesses like ours. These days they target ALL businesses, ALL the time. They use automated software to search for vulnerabilities in business’s IT setups, that they can exploit.

There’s also the matter of GDPR. End of life software is technically in breach of GDPR rules. If you did run into problems with the ICO, you would have trouble justifying your reliance on unsupported software.

The fix for this is quite easy: Just upgrade your software

That means Windows 10 on your PCs. Office 365 for Word & Excel etc (side note – Office 365 is so much bigger these days… you won’t believe how much is bundled into it).

And up-to-date software running your server.

We believe that the majority of business owners and managers running this dead software, don’t know they are relying on dead tech.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people are the same – they don’t know what they’re running their business on. And to a certain extent, they don’t care.

Maybe this is you?

In which case, there are two ways we can help you:

  1. Help you self-identify whether or not you are using dead software. Get a free copy of our book The 2020 Problem. It’s been written so anyone can understand it. And designed so you can use it to identify quickly and easily, if your business is at risk. To get one, complete the form at the bottom of this page.
  1. Or, we will send out one of my senior technicians to check every machine in your business. They’ll need literally just a few minutes per machine. To take advantage of this, call our helpdesk on 01204 22110 or email We would normally charge for this service, but for a limited period we are offering this service FREE to business based in the North West.

Whether you use our help, or turn to your existing IT support company (ask them why they’ve left you vulnerable), please do take action urgently.

The longer you rely on this dead software, the greater the risk. This can be a one off check and upgrade, and then the problem has just gone away.

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