The Big BT 2025 Switch Off

The Big BT 2025 Switch Off

What does the 2023 stop sell date mean to me?

From September 2023 Openreach will issue a full “Stop Sell” of new supply WLR.

When we refer to new WLR there is further clarification needed on what would be considered as a new supply. For example does this include a transfer to another CP?

As part of the nationwide PSTN, WLR and ISDN Withdrawal this means that from the end of September 2023 there will be no new line installations for both WLR and ISDN, including conversions of the WLR Line to an ISDN Line, increase of ISDN channels, change of address, start of a stopped line or working line take over.

It’s important that consumer rights during this period are still upheld therefore, their line transfers will be accepted providing there is no change to the installation when the line moves from one provider to another.

All calling and network features, such as caller display, presentation number and features to prevent nuisance calls such as anonymous call rejection, will be allowed with the exception of the two trial exchanges, where restrictions will apply subject to the availability of the replacement fibre technology.

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