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The Centrex system, was once a popular choice with schools is now both outdated and expensive to maintain. Many of schools are switching to a Cloud-based system and looking for alternative options ahead of the phase out.

Centrex System

We offer a jargon-free, back-to-basics approach to telephone services, providing good, old-fashioned, honest advice. Bluebox Integration’s team of experienced local engineers are dedicated to delivering a reliable service that meets the unique needs of each school.

Moorgate primary school

We know budgets are tight in the Education sector, which is why we never provide off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, they start with a blank sheet to ensure that each school gets the right options for their specific requirements. Unlike most other telecoms companies we DON`T tie our customers into long- term contracts, our standard contract is 12 months as we are confident that our excellent service, value for money and local engineers will keep our customers loyal.

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What does the global chip shortage mean for your business?

Global Chip Shortage

Two years in and the global chip shortage is still causing havoc all around the world. Here’s how it could affect your business.

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How well has your telecoms provider been looking after you over the last 2 years?

How well has your telecoms provider been looking after you over the last 2 years?

As a provider of Care for vulnerable people in our communities, a reliable phone system is essential. As with many other companies across the world, we had to move at great pace to ensure that our workforce remained connected, and able to provide the necessary and vital services to our clients during these worrying times. Bluebox worked very quickly with our service staff to implement reliable mobile solutions that met all of their needs and ensured the service we provide to our clients has been seamless.
Nick Bowls Be Caring LTD ★★★★★

We’ve been working really hard to support our clients during the Pandemic and we’re humbled to receive such fantastic praise. Do you feel the same way about your current telecoms’ provider?

If you’re delighted with them, then sorry to interrupt your day. If you’re not delighted, then read on…

A lot of people have been horrified at just how little “support” they got from their telecoms provider...

We’ve been chatting to loads of business owners and managers over the last few weeks. And we’ve heard some real horror stories about lazy telecoms providers.

Of course, the Pandemic was so sudden, that everyone was caught on the hop. Just like all telecoms providers, we had the busiest fortnight in our history.

But critically, we put our clients first. And made sure that all our clients and their teams were set up correctly for safe, secure at home working. Then we phoned them regularly, to see what frustrations they had working from home. And of course we did whatever we could to help fix all problems. Not all telecoms providers acted this way. Here are some of the horror stories that we’ve heard about:

  • FAIL: People waiting hours and hours – sometimes days – for their telecoms provider to respond to basic support requests
  • FAIL: Companies not being able to access telecoms easily, or being forced into work arounds
  • FAIL: Collaboration an video call software being recommended that really wasn’t fit for purpose
  • FAIL: Data security being dramatically reduced to make home working easier. This is a dangerous approach that leaves your business at huge risk of being hacked. The correct approach is a balance of easy & safe

Because of this, I know that a lot of people just like you, have recently decided that it’s time to look for a new telecoms provider.

So I wanted to introduce us. We’re Bluebox Integration, and we currently look after over 700 businesses in the North West.

Martin Fletcher

My name’s Martin Fletcher. I’m one of the owners and a Telecoms Specialist. 

I devise all the clever solutions for clients, and then my brilliant team implements them.

I asked some of my clients for testimonials and reviews about their experience with us during the Pandemic.

Here's a selection of what they sent back...

We recently upgraded our telephone system and switched to SIP Trunk telephone lines. The advice we received Martin and his team was brilliant and they fully managed the changeover from our existing provider on our behalf, so it really was hassle free. Then, when we needed to work remotely due to the COVID19 pandemic, Bluebox quickly organised remote telephone capability for every staff member utilising compatible mobile app technology meaning we could continue to offer a seamless customer service to our own clients. I would highly recommend Martin and his team at Bluebox.
Steve Phillips B&M Insurance Brokers ★★★★★

Bluebox installed a new telecoms system for us just before the lockdown and when they had just started working from home. The service was excellent as usual with no hitches despite the changes to their working practices. Any support queries were responded to promptly and resolved very quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services if you are looking for a new telecoms provider.
Sandra Arden Easy Lawn Turf LTD ★★★★★

When our company faced the challenges of working from home, Bluebox stepped up and provided a solution to allow our call centre staff to work from home. A clear plan was presented on how we could remotely work, with the ability to report on calls being made and update our call menus easily to keep our customers informed. We have worked with Bluebox for many years, through several office moves and now through working from home, they have always been professional and enabled us to ensure we have the equipment and services we need and when we needed them.
Gareth Morgan Golden Lane Housing / Mecap ★★★★★

If you're even slightly dissatisfied with your current telecoms provider, we really should talk

Because you don’t owe them anything. And they’re not going to get any better in the months ahead.

Sorry to be brutal, but it’s true. Many telecoms providers rose to the challenge and really looked after their clients. But a few others just got lazy and lost the plot.

This Pandemic has shown business owners and managers just how important telecoms are. 

Now let us show you just how important great telecoms are.

The Big BT 2025 Switch Off

The Big BT 2025 Switch Off

What does the 2023 stop sell date mean to me?

From September 2023 Openreach will issue a full “Stop Sell” of new supply WLR.

When we refer to new WLR there is further clarification needed on what would be considered as a new supply. For example does this include a transfer to another CP?

As part of the nationwide PSTN, WLR and ISDN Withdrawal this means that from the end of September 2023 there will be no new line installations for both WLR and ISDN, including conversions of the WLR Line to an ISDN Line, increase of ISDN channels, change of address, start of a stopped line or working line take over.

It’s important that consumer rights during this period are still upheld therefore, their line transfers will be accepted providing there is no change to the installation when the line moves from one provider to another.

All calling and network features, such as caller display, presentation number and features to prevent nuisance calls such as anonymous call rejection, will be allowed with the exception of the two trial exchanges, where restrictions will apply subject to the availability of the replacement fibre technology.

BT Switch timeline