3CX reduces business costs, increases efficiency.

An office without borders, a workforce without limits. The #1 provider of internet based phone systems, 3 years in a row.

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3CX Hosted

Here's why other businesses have switched to 3CX.

Your business is constantly growing and evolving, our 3CX phone solutions guarantee that you stay online and connected, no matter matter the situation.

Reliable HD Audio

Reliable high definition quality call connections, no matter where you are in the world.

Keep Your Number

We’ll help you easily manage and migrate your existing phone numbers onto the 3CX system.


From client meetings to office calls, 3CX provides an easy solution to call conferencing.

Central Call Dashboard

View usage, service quality, set up call forwarding and more with our simple dashboard.

Voicemail To Text

It’s easy for staff to check their voicemail messages with our automatic voice to text.

Business Ready

We’re experts in implementing business telecom solutions and are official 3CX partners.

Trusted by over 250,000 companies

Phone Calls and video calls, Together.

You’re taking business calls and internal office conferences, we supply you with cutting edge technology to make sure your business is always connected. 

Whether it’s by phone or video, our suite of apps works perfectly on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Always ready to support you.

Our team will take care of all installation and the setup of your systems. What’s more, we’ll always be on hand to support you no matter what the issue is, in person, by phone or by email.

Official, trusted and reliable British 3CX partner

Our customers trust us to keep their businesses running and connected at all times.

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Northwest Aerials LTD

Great Service! Bluebox recently provided our business with a…

Frank Sinker

Our ISDN system was upgraded by Bluebox to a VOIP system and…

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All the features your staff are accustomed to.

Whether you’ve been using a traditional phone system for years or just use a mobile phone – 3CX has all the features your staff are accustomed to using. 

From switchboards to video conferencing, we’ve got the right solution for you. Just give us a call and we can discuss your businesses needs.


State-of-the-art video calling and conferencing.

Video calls and conferencing have been a saviour during the recent lockdowns caused by the pandemic, 3CX has led the industry when it comes to call quality technology.

We have assisted our clients through the quarantine period by providing high quality video functions and training on the new technologies.

A Good Deal, Less Pain.

Consistently winning awards

3CX has consistently won awards in it’s category, from Best Phone System to PC PRO best choice awards.

3CX was awarded the PC PRO A-List 5 Stars in 2020.

3CX wins the prestigious G2 Winter Communications Leader award.

3CX takes the WinMag Professionals best choice award.