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Tools and software to help your business communicate better.

Give your Business the tools it needs.

Free your employees from their desks with wireless headsets. Make sure they’re hitting their targets with call reporting software. It’s the small changes to how you communicate that can make a big difference to your bottom line. We’ve included a few of our most popular options here, but if you can’t find what you need, our team will be happy to help


Corded Headsets

Single ear noise-cancelling headsets.

Lightweight and robust.

Designed for use in call centres and noisey offices.

Microphone rotation allows for multiple positions.

Flexible microphone boom ensures perfect positioning.



Wireless Headsets

Single ear wireless headsets.

Connects to desk-phone, computer or both.

Noise cancelling.

3 way conferencing capability.

Range of upto 150 meters.

8 hours talk time battery life.


Conference Room Phones

Switch between and combine calls with desk phones, mobiles and computers.

Conference guide simplifies multiparty calls.

Record your conversations.

Save call groups.

Expansion microphones can be added to increase voice range.


CRM Telephone Integration

Preview the callers telephone number and name.

Click through to the full client record or integrated application.

Easily identify new numbers and update records.

On-screen click-to-dial simplifies outbound calling.

Voice records can be indexed with customer account data for compliance and dispute resolution.

Simplify workflow, reduce errors and improve service.

Dial from: Call history, shared address book, CRM database, supported applications, web pages, clipboard.


Call Recording

Integrates easily alongside your current phone system.

Record calls from any part of your landline network.

Monitor and improve call handling using playback and call evaluation.

Provide tamperproof evidence of recordings in case of disputes.

Deter fraud by informing callers that all calls are recorded.

Demonstrate compliance with FCA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and MiFID II regulations.

Playback calls to confirm customer requirements such as order quantities and values.

Match call recordings to extensions, so you can know where the calls are going and who handles them.

Add other components, such as call reporting or CRM integration.


Call Reporting

Reports on all inbound and outbound call activity.

Save money on calls now and control costs in the future.

Monitor performance and set targets for individual users and teams.

View call and user activity with comprehensive wallboard displays.

Manage call activity using historic reports.

View peaks and troughs for better staff scheduling.

Reliable and user-friendly technology.

Integrates easily with your current phone system.

Add call recording or CRM integration.


On Hold Message Service

Turn dead air time into another opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Deliver key business information to your customers while they are placed on hold.

Bespoke combination of voice and music to suit your business.

Choose from more than 40 on-hold music tracks and 25 voice over artists.

Wide range of accents and more than 60 international languages.

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