GDPR Compliance

Let us keep your business on the right side of GDPR.

You can't ignore it. It won't go away.

GDPR continues to be the bane of businesses, from the HR department all the way up to the managing director.

With a large percentage of companies still unaware of whether or not they fully comply, they run the risk of significant fines in the result of a data breach.

We can make sure that your business is fully GDPR compliant from a technology point of view, by making sure your data is safe and accounted for at all times.
This includes:

  • Ensuring the security of mobile working and devices
  • Configuring new and existing hardware to reduce vulnerabilities and provide only the functionality and services required
  • Backing-up data to help restore it in the event of a disaster
  • Monitoring user and system activity to identify and help prevent data breaches Keeping software up-to-date and applying the latest security patches
  • Implementing boundary firewalls to protect computers from external attack and exploitation

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