Cloud Phone Systems: Which Is The Best For Your Business?

Business telecoms are ever evolving, it can be tricky at times to figure out which phone system is best for you. We’ve put together a video to help explain things clearly.

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Remote Phone Systems

The great thing about any modern telephone system is that it will make your operations more efficient. But the right one for your business can depend on a lot of factors, from the number of sites you have to the features you use day-to-day.


Are Internet Phone Systems Secure?

Imagine what a malicious attacker could do with some of the sensitive information you release through phone calls with clients. Traditional telephone systems offer very little protection.

Our cloud-based telephone systems are protected by military grade security technology that can prevent your information from being leaked, and stop your calls from being listened too.


How do we maximise your call audio quality?

The reason your call audio quality is low is being there is too much traffic on your connection. Picture a rush hour traffic jam of phone calls and people trying to access websites at the same time.

To improve call quality ten-fold, we install a second broadband line that runs alongside your current line, but will only be used for calls. Think of it like a bridge, that allows your internet traffic to run smoothly.


Phone systems that work for you, not against you.

Your businesses phone system shouldn’t be a hindrance, it’s supposed to help your business grow effortlessly. Our cloud-based phone systems help you reduce costs, stay in touch with clients and they grow when you do.


Let's Have A Chat About Your Phone System.

We’ll help you choose which phone system will best suit the needs of your business, and do a free telecoms audit.