Imagine coming back from holiday. And
discovering £12,000 had been stolen from
your business bank account…

No matter what your turnover is, that scenario would be a total nightmare, wouldn’t it? But perhaps you’re confident that it could never happen to your business. Well, let me gently challenge that. Because I’ve seen this kind of theft happen to plenty of businesses.

Would Your Business Pass The 57 Minute Test?

Let us set you a challenge, we would be willing to bet that our team could find a major data security flaw in your business within just 57 minutes. Sounds like a bold claim? It’s not.

Every day, we find data security weaknesses in local businesses and remove them. It’s the equivalent of not leaving valuables on show in a parked car.

With the introduction of GDPR, you need to be sure that you are protected, and unfortunately having anti-virus software just doesn’t cut it.

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With our expertise, we'll ensure
your business data stays protected.

Email theft is a constant threat to businesses across the the UK, leave your data in safe
hands with our proven track record of keeping businesses secure from outside threats.