How well did your telecoms provider look after you during the lockdown?

Feeling Let Down?

We’ve been chatting to loads of business owners and managers over the past few weeks. We’ve heard some real horror stories about lazy telecoms providers.

The lockdown was dropped in our laps out of nowhere and like many other telecoms providers, we’ve just been through the busiest fortnight of our lives.

But critically, we put our clients first and made sure that all our customers and their teams were set up correctly, for safe and secure at-home working.

Then we phoned them regularly, to see what frustrations they had working from home. And of course we did whatever we could to help fix all problems.

We were there for our clients

We’ve been so humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients. Like this:

As a provider of Care for vulnerable people in our communities, a reliable phone system is essential.  As with many other companies across the world, we had to move at great pace to ensure that our workforce remained connected, and able to provide the necessary and vital services to our clients during these worrying times.  Bluebox worked very quickly with our service staff to implement reliable mobile solutions that met all of their needs and ensured the service we provide to our clients has been seamless.

Nick Bowls

Be Caring LTD

Bluebox installed a new telecoms system for us just before the lockdown and when they had just started working from home. The service was excellent as usual with no hitches despite the changes to their working practices.  Any support queries were responded to promptly and resolved very quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services if you are looking for a new telecoms provider.

Sandra Arden

Easy Lawn Turf LTD.

If you feel even slightly dissatisfied with your telecoms provider, we really should talk.

Because you don’t owe them anything. And they’re not going to get any better in the months ahead.

Martin Fletcher

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Telecoms Expert, Bluebox Integration.

Sorry to be brutal, but it’s true. Many telecoms providers rose to the challenge and really looked after their clients. But a few others just got lazy and lost the plot.

This lockdown has shown business owners and managers just how important telecoms are. Now let us show you just how important great telecoms are.

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